Discover CloudDB Managed Cloud

Relax and let CloudDB deploy, configure and Manage your Cloud Environments.

Core Concept

  • With our cloud-based solutions, all you have to do is sit back while we take care of the rest. Invest your time in bringing your business to your customers, and let us tend to your cloud needs.


  • CloudDB Cloud is a modern cloud-based solution delivered via Oracle Cloud designed to promote rapid business innovation whilst delivering outstanding customer experiences.


  • Unlock potential with faster innovation and reduced upfront costs.
  • With a focus on simplicity and automation, CloudDB Cloud gets you up running in a matter of hours with tools and capabilities to build and run your digital commerce solution.
  • Backed by industry-leading 99.999% availability Service Level Agreements (SLA’s), out-of-the-box Disaster Recovery and 24x7x365 Global Support, UltraServe ensures your site is always available to transact business

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