Our Company

At CloudDB we understand that each environment is unique, and as a consequence, a one size fit all offering is not acceptable at all on today's market. We are well known for creating tailored solutions that will fulfill all your environment requirements and achieve the best ROI possible for your company.

Our Goal

"CloudDB’s goal with all of its clients is to provide products and services that are fair for both parties, and one that puts as much, if not more, emphasis on proactive and reporting components as it does on being reactive. The goal is to eliminate events where CloudDB and our clients are collectively reacting."

CloudDB’s open scope model and utility billing provide the flexibility, elasticity to ensure that:

  • Our client has a clear understanding of exactly what is being provided and delivered at all times;
  • Our client is receiving work, effort, and value commensurate with its cost structure, even when CloudDB is able to create efficiencies and stability, allowing for costs to decrease over time;
  • The service can scale with our clients growing requirements, ranging from “lights on” management, database migrations, tuning, disaster recovery, etc.

The CloudDB Difference

Top Talent

  • One of the highest global concentration of data infrastructure expertise
    • 3 Oracle ACE Directors, 1 Oracle ACE Associate, 2 Microsoft MVPs and more
    • Over 24 professionals across 3 different continents
    • An early adopter of new technologies, techniques, and practices

Team Approach

  • A global team is assigned to each client, true 24x7 follow the sun
  • Intimate relationship over time
  • Easy to transfer work between client and CloudDB teams

No-Risk decision

  • Utility billing, Granular documentation of all tasks, observations, recommendations, commands
  • Full Monthly reports with Health Checks included giving you the best ROI possible in the ANZ and Global markets
  • Full transparency via auditing, reporting, trending, and forecasting
  • CloudDB owns the only DBA automation framework in the market (CloudDB AF), avoiding its clients to lose money and time with any BAU (Bussiness as Usual) work
  • Free Level 1 support with each Managed Service contract

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