Discover Oracle Linux and Oracle VM with CloudDB

Obtain the best ROI, savings and availability by using Oracle Linux and Oracle VM (Virtual Machine)

Acquire Support for

  • OEL- The Oracle Linux distribution is free to download, use and distribute. Oracle Linux Support is available if you want premier backports, comprehensive management, indemnification, testing, and more.
  • Oracle VM - Designed for efficiency and optimized for performance, Oracle's server virtualization products support x86 and SPARC architectures and a variety of workloads such as Linux, Windows and Oracle Solaris. Plus, it could help you so save on Oracle Licenses by using hard partitioning capabilities.

Professional Services

  • Architectural Designs
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Health Checks
  • Upgrades and Patching
  • Consulting Services
  • Support Review
  • Projects

Managed Services

  • Monitoring and Alerting
  • Proactive and Reactive Support
  • Engager Oracle on your behalf
  • Access to early adopter knowledge
  • Access to a century of IP
  • and much more

CloudDB is Specialized on

Oracle Linux

The Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (UEK), included as part of Oracle Linux, provides the latest open source innovations, key optimizations, and security for enterprise cloud workloads. This Linux kernel powers Oracle Cloud and Oracle Engineered Systems such as Oracle Exadata Database Machine. Oracle tests UEK intensively with demanding Oracle workloads and recommends UEK for Oracle deployments and all other enterprise deployments.

Endless possibilities

Oracle Ksplice

New kernel updates come out about once a month, and that means coordinating with customers to schedule outage windows, completing paperwork, and babysitting multi-hour outage windows on Sunday at 2am. Or does it? With Ksplice, you can install those same important kernel security and bugfix updates while the system is running, with no disruption.

Ksplice lets you apply 100% of the important kernel security updates without rebooting. You don't need to stop any running applications and you don't need to reboot to install. Ksplice is available for Oracle Linux, free of charge, for Oracle Linux customers with a Premier support subscription.

In addition, Ksplice has extended its service to critical userspace packages and libraries!  Recently, the industry has seen serious security vulnerabilities hit core packages in userspace, specifically glibc and openssl.  With Ksplice you can now live-patch these critical packages, avoiding costly disruptions and downtime. For more information on using this service, please refer to the Ksplice User Guide below.

Amazing Control and best ROI to your existing Licenses and Infrastructure

Oracle VM (Virtual Machine)

  • Oracle VM is a platform that provides a fully equipped environment with all the latest benefits of virtualization technology. Oracle VM enables you to deploy operating systems and application software within a supported virtualization environment. Oracle VM insulates users and administrators from the underlying virtualization technology and allows daily operations to be conducted using goal-oriented GUI interfaces.
  • Oracle VM Server can be installed on either x86 or SPARC hardware platforms. Since these platforms are fundamentally dissimilar, the hypervisor used on each platform is different. Oracle VM helps to abstract the hypervisor further by providing a user interface that facilitates the same logical actions across different server types. Much of this abstraction is provided by the Oracle VM Agent that is installed on each Oracle VM Server in the environment.

Oracle VM Manager provides the following main capabilities:

  • Manages the physical Oracle VM Servers and can, for example, reboot or rediscover the physical hardware.
  • Creates and configures server pools.
  • Creates and manages Oracle VM Server logical networks, for example, NIC port bonding, and configuring VLAN networks.
  • Manages storage devices such as local disks, SAN storage and Network File Servers.
  • Creates and manages storage repositories.
  • Manages resources, including ISO files, virtual machine templates, virtual machine images, and virtual appliances.
  • Manages the virtual machines. This includes creating virtual machines from either installation media or from templates, starting, logging in, shutting down, and deleting virtual machines.
  • Imports, clones and migrates virtual machines.
  • Performs load balancing of virtual machines in server pools.
  • Manages jobs in the Oracle VM environment.
  • Manages policies such as High Availability, Distributed Resource Scheduling, and Distributed Power Management.

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